Gizmo The Wolf is one of the newest members of the M.U.H. He is highley spiteful, and vengeful

The original design for Gizmo

mobian. He is currently hunting the hero of mobius Sonic The Hedgehog

Random InfomationEdit

Appearance: Long, black, thick hair covering his right eye; grey fur; red eyes, white fluff on chest; blue jeans, plain black shoes with hidden blades at the tip; gloves with long, detractable blades

Abilities/powers: Self taught expert martial arts (including weapons); advanced parkour skills; highley powerful dark form; quick comebacks

Personality: Near emotionless, aggresive and friendly (to his well known friends)

Loved ones Parents (deceased) his old friends, and few of the the mobians at M.U.H

Evil or Hero: Or

Theme: Pain by three days grace

Relation ships: Currently with Frost The Snow Leopard

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